my mom’s leaving again

i want to leave dalton

wow i haven’t posted on here in a long time BUT i got to see dalton today and we did the sex and it was really good???? like better than usual you know i dunno he’s just a really sexy man or something

i’m pretty sure i’m borderline anorexic ha haHA hA hAHHHA HA


You starts school gains ten pound

Me starts school loses ten pound

i think today’s the day i’m going to kill myself i’m sorry but i just can’t do this anymore

um so a few weeks back i uh cut myself a little on my foot i think i posted about that but now whenever i’m upset i just want to like cut myself so yep if it weren’t for the fact that the whole idea freaks me out i probably would be dead by now but i’m really upset and i’m trying really hard not to cut myself so that’s happening

i thought since today was valentine’s day it would be fun to spend quality time with my dad so i asked him if we could go to denny’s and he said no and on the way to the psychiatrist’s i was playing my ipod so he could hear what kind of music i listened to and it came on my favorite regina spektor song so i turned it up and was like “ok listen to this one” and i was really excited and he turned down the radio and told me to stop forcing him to listen to my music haha okay happy valentine’s day everyone i feel like dying

i was watching the superbowl but then my dad told me to shut up during a commercial so i’m hiding in my room guess what hiding from things does prove to be satisfactory although i still feel like crying

what the heck i just want to make the heck out with this guy already